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Event Name:EWMD Society "17 Goals for a Sustainable Future"
17 goals for a sustainable future
We want it all: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership

April, 22nd   18 – 19 h
zoom – in English

Why: Sustainability means making a company fit for the future and resilient, as well as taking responsibility for the well-being of employees and the environment. A major challenge - but one that is indispensable for securing the long-term success of a company. But how can sustainability be firmly anchored in the company and the opportunities offered by sustainable management be exploited?

Topic: Within the 17 Sustainable Goals there is #5 on Gender. How are they interconnected to other goals? “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.” Sounds obvious, as women are 50 % of mankind – but what does really happen? How can the model and simulation help us here?
Specially for the Covid19 Pandemic the UN has specified the integration of Gender Equality:
(1) including women and women’s organizations in COVID-19 response planning and decision-making; (2) transforming the inequities of unpaid care work into a new, inclusive care economy that works for everyone; and (3) designing socio-economic plans with an intentional focus on the lives and futures of women and girls. 

"There is no sustainability without development." (Wolfgang Sachs)

Frame: Sustainability is complex and requires a holistic view, a systemic "mindset" and the active involvement and participation of all relevant stakeholders. A response to the complexity of sustainability was formulated by the United Nations within the framework of Agenda2030, which was adopted by all member states in September 2015. This Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action plan with which the United Nations expresses its conviction that global challenges can only be solved together. It forms the basis for shaping economic progress in harmony with social justice and the ecological limits of the Earth.

How is it possible to live up to this claim and how is it possible to successfully deal with the SDGs?  In the meeting on 22 April, we would like to discuss what we can learn from the SDG target system and how it can be applied. 

The speaker

Barbara Holzner is senior consultant in the field of systems thinking and interactive design. She works at Icondu, a consulting company from Ingolstadt in Bavaria. She is a member of the Sagsaga Group for "Simulation & Gaming" and combines systemic thinking with simulations to map complexity and interaction in the system and make it tangible for the participants.
Event Date:22/4/2021
Event Time:18:00:00 - 19:00:00 CET
Location:Online via Zoom
Geisbergweg 6c
Contact Person:EWMD Society
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