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Event Name:EWMD Online International Conference 2021
Event Type(s):Conference

International Conference EWMD 2021 - La Spezia
2nd of October - Online
"Women and Power: How To Avoid The Glass Cliff"




  • Reflect on the dynamics that allow women to reach positions of power (social dynamics, cultural etc.)
  • Connect a network of women who have reached top positions to make them testimonials of EWMD
  • Engage international female colleagues for "how to get to positions of power" mentoring session.
  • Create within our international network a reflection on a common interest theme on which there is little exchange even though it is the "core ​business" of the association.


09:50     Reception of guests (EWMD members and outsiders)
10:00     Opening with EWMD Video and institutional greetings:

Franca Guidotti – President of EWMD La Spezia
Pierluigi Peracchini – Mayor of La Spezia
Video EWMD chapter La Spezia
Renata Pelati - President of EWMD Italy
Francesca Bagni Cipriani - National Equality Councilor
Video EWMD italian chapters
Nadine Nembach, Paola Ligabue – EWMD International Presidents
Brando Benifei - Member of the European Parliament

10:45     Adriana Albini - special guest: fantasy, novel and science
10:55     Nadia Busato (moderator) presents the Conference: “Women and Power how to avoid the glass cliff”
11:00     Politics: Martina Avanza - « Do women do it better? » Women in politics and the challenges they face
11:20     Economy: Ferose Oaten - The power of women in emerging economies
11:40     Society: Flaminio Squazzoni - Social Trends
12:00     Science: Delia Goletti - Beyond Covid
12:20      Art: Davide Dotti - Women artists and their relationship with power
12:40      Summary and closing of the morning session

12:50-14:00    Lunch break with virtual coffee room

14:00      Opening afternoon session: Nadia Busato presents the WORKSHOPS: 
14:15      Workshops:

Martina Avanza - the dynamics of power: which ones facilitate and which ones limit the access of women 
Barbara delle Pezze - Key leadership skills for women in charge
Michèle Lavagna - Water and Moon: feminine singular nouns. From creativity to the concrete object

15,00       Closing round table with all the workshop leaders, moderated by Nadia Busato
15,30       Closing Greeting - Laura Dalè President EWMD Italy


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Please note that the conference will be recorded. Please contact us if you do not agree with the recording of the conference. 

Here you can access the Main Conference Hall 
Here you can access the Virtual Coffee Room during the lunch break
Here you can access the Workshop 1 with Martina Avanza
Here you can access the Workshop 2 with Barbara Dalle Pezze 
Here you can access the Workshop 3 with Michèle Lavagna

Event Date:2/10/2021
Event Time:09:45:00 - 16:00:00 CET
Location:Online International Conference
Contact Person:EWMD International Conference Orga Team
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