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EWMD UK: "Courage, resilience and trust: how to emerge anew after the unthinkable"

EWMD UK: “Courage, resilience and trust: how to emerge anew after the unthinkable”

Thursday, June 03,
06:00 PM - 07:30 PM BST / 07:00PM - 08:30PM CET Time
online via MS Teams

Courage, resilience and trust: how to emerge anew after the unthinkable, expand your identity, and soar in your life and career in the process
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We all have a story to tell. A story of facts, events, places, people, interactions. Sometimes our story is smooth and with no bumps, and sometimes it is a story of struggles and challenges that invites us to  grow and transform.
The latter was my story and it taught me to address important questions such as:
How do you maintain hope in the future when everything in your world seems to collapse? How do you keep moving on in your journey when it looks like there is no way forward? What human qualities do you need to tap into, not only to survive but thrive?
As author R. Dilts writes, “We gather our treasures along the road of experience” and I would like to share with you the treasures I gathered throughout my experience: how I built courage and resilience, learnt about trust, embraced a new identity, and created a new life and career despite the unthinkable happened.
About the Speaker
Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D., is a leadership coach, international speaker, author and seminar leader with over 18 years of global experience. She inspires individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to reconnect with their most profound and authentic essence, discover their purpose, and bring about positive change in their lives and in the world.
Barbara has her own coaching and consulting practice. She is a member of the Leadership Development Faculty for the Asia Pacific Region at a top global financial institution, and visiting professor at SFU, Beedie School of Business (Vancouver, Canada), where she teaches Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the MBA program.
In her transformational and inspirational new memoir, The Unexpected Gift, readers will learn of a journey to self-discovery and renewal after the implosion of her marriage. She’ll share a roadmap to how you can fully engage with a diverse world, embrace a richer and more authentic life, and emerge anew after the unthinkable
To learn more about Barbara please visit: https://www.barbaradallepezze.com/
About EWMD
The European Women's Management Development Network was founded in 1984 by women engaged in business schools, universities and business associations across Europe. The main goal was to bring women closer to higher management positions by launching studies on women's contributions and experiences in management and by disseminating their best practices among European companies and business schools.
EWMD, an international network built by women for women and men in management
Today, the Network links professionals from all areas of business, education, politics and culture. Its spirit is characterized by determination, personal engagement, give-and-take, and open exchange. EWMD welcomes both individual and corporate members, employed and self-employed. The main goal of EWMD is to increase women's visibility and participation in higher positions in business and society. EWMD believes that quality levels of management can be increased and enriched through more female presence and diversity.
With two British founding members, EWMD used to have a chapter in this country for many years. It is our ambition to bring the specific quality of dialogue, interaction and exchange that is so characteristic for EWMD back to the UK in order to support women’s careers in management and further develop the knowledge and skills of female executives on a national and international level.
This event will start at 06:00PM British Summer Time (BST) / 07:00PM CET Time (Berlin Time)

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18:00:00 - 19:30:00 GMT

Online Via MS Teams

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