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"Beyond expectations - the art of mastering life & business" with Bianca-Maria Klein


"Beyond expectations - the art of mastering life & business"
with Bianca-Maria Klein

Speaker: Bianca-Maria Klein

Topic: Expectations-Management. How to successfully manage your expectations with a simple method ... not only in business! Looking at expectations from different perspectives helps to expand your scope of action. How managing your expectations supports you in communicating with yourself, colleagues and customers.


  • Life is full of interpersonal expectations, in private life or business. In companies, this becomes especially clear when necessary change processes do not lead to the desired result or even fail.
  • With active expectation management, claims, expectations and goals of the different communication levels are clarified, and thus successful leadership for yourself and your teams is made possible.
  • In addition to her own experiences, Bianca-Maria shares examples and explores the following questions: What are expectations actually? Why are they often so difficult to fulfill? Why can expectations lead to conflicts? How can I deal more calmly and self-determined with expectations towards myself and my peers - privately or at work?

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Speaker-Info: Bianca-Maria Klein looks back on a 20+ years international career with various medical device corporations where she was a leader in sales, marketing and research. For her career she lived in different countries and cities before moving back to Northern Germany and she speaks 5 languages fluently. In addition, she followed a coaching education and change management training. Bianca-Maria is also a certified keynote speaker. Her daily goal, as a speaker and coach is to support companies with challenges in transformation processes, through keynote speeches, coaching or team workshops. Her focus is to teach and implement her view on managing expectations, as a success-factor for any communication, always necessary in places where people work and live together


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18:00:00 - 19:00:00 CET

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